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Stage 337 – Fowlers Bay to Chadinga

Stage 337 heads on relentlessly east through the South Australian outback, providing a rollicking ride with no less than twenty one climbs of varying lengths and gradients lying in wait. Throw in twenty descents and around five hundred feet of upping and downing, and what you have here is a stage that will never offer you a moment’s peace in which to relax.

The rollout is initially downhill before the road turns sharply uphill after half a mile: there’s then a nasty little climb before a lumpy descent takes the Eyre Highway to four miles on the northern fringe of a small wood. As the road bends right, it starts to climb, passing by a junction to Fowler’s Bay on a four mile ascent to the highest elevation of the stage at eight miles.

There’s then an even lumpier descent to fourteen miles, in which there are five descents to go with four climbs, but the overall trend is indeed downhill. The opposite is then true to seventeen miles as a lumpy ascent throws in four climbs and three descents.

The end of the stage is on a long sweeping right hander from Highview which kicks off with a sharp descent at seventeen miles, followed by a lumpy up/down/up/down/steep up/steep down/steep up run in to the finish near Chadinga.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 548 feet / 167 metres

RGT Magic Road: hmZcKLuOQ4Cs

Total distance: 23.44 mi
Max elevation: 118 ft
Min elevation: 15 ft
Total climbing: 550 ft
Total descent: -501 ft

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