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Stage 331 – Bight Marine Park to The Middle of Nowhere

The elevation profile of stage 331 looks like your pulse rate as it goes up and down on repeat in a never ending pattern of peaks and troughs. Flat road? Forget that, for there’s barely any in the twenty four miles of the stage.

For the first seven miles, the Eyre Highway is lumpy flat as it makes its way east along the coastline of the Great Australian Bight. There are dirt laybys east and west at seven miles, and a dirt road heading north into the Nullarbor scrub at eight miles. Further dirt roads branch off north and south at regular intervals, the most prominent of which is probably the 107km journey to Cook, signposted near the end of the long straight at thirteen miles.

There’s a lumpy up and down section in the middle of the stage from miles seven to twelve, followed by a gentle lumpy descent to fifteen miles. The gradient flattens out after that, even though the road continues to descend, before a two mile climb from eighteen miles sets up the lumpy, slightly uphill run to the finish in, strangely enough, the middle of nowhere.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 249 feet / 76 metres

RGT Magic Road: iS1cG016VZR0

Total distance: 23.43 mi
Max elevation: 225 ft
Min elevation: 157 ft
Total climbing: 250 ft
Total descent: -269 ft

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