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Stage 330 – Great Australian Bight to Bight Marine Park

330 just about qualifies as a downhill stage, in the sense that whilst it climbs two hundred feet, it descends by two hundred and fifty. It’s another stage wholly within the Nullarbor Wilderness Protested Area adjacent to the Great Australian Bight Marine National Park, running from west to east along the Eyre Highway a mile in from the coast , although it does get a lot closer than that from the eighteen mile mark.

The stage is flat/gently but lumpily downhill. The first two miles are flat and straight before a gentle right hander sets up a twelve mile straight that rises between miles four and five before descending gently to the left hander on the clifftop at eighteen miles. Although the road continues to descend as it veers back inland for two miles, there’s a two mile climb from twenty miles to a right hand bend that sets up the final descent down to the the finish line.

In terms of features, there are a few, but they are sporadic: there’s a rest area heading east after just a mile, which of course you won’t need, and another heading west a mile further down the road. At three miles there’s a dirt road heading north into Nullarbor National Park: there’s a further dirt road heading north at nine miles, and other rest areas from eleven miles through to the finish. The best idea, however, is to ignore the rest areas, put the hammer down and just nail it.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 194 feet / 59 metres

RGT Magic Road: gtyg9P3ZarVJ

Total distance: 23.42 mi
Max elevation: 267 ft
Min elevation: 194 ft
Total climbing: 194 ft
Total descent: -249 ft

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