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Stage 326 – The Middle of Nowhere to a Different Middle of Nowhere

The good news is that this is the last stage in Australia that starts and finishes in the middle of nowhere. It won’t be the last in which you visit of the middle of nowhere, but it is the last time you get both at the ends of the same stage. It’s also the last full stage in Western Australia: 327 crosses the border into South Australia near the end of that stage.

As with many stages of late, this one is lumpy flat. Like its predecessors, it runs west to east along the southern edge of the ridge that runs from Madura to Eucla. Although the ascent and descent are both almost three hundred feet, there are no sharp climbs or descents of note, and most of what it essentially flat road is ever so slightly up and down: that’s what gives the stage its elevation profile.

The first four miles are straight and gently downhill to a left hander where a dirt road heads off south into the outback towards the coast about fifteen miles away. That sets up an even longer straight which is basically flat the whole way to eighteen miles except for a short stretch at eight miles where the ridge penetrates out towards the Eyre Highway, resulting in a short rise and equally short descent.

From seventeen miles, the road rises gently to twenty one miles, where a down/up sets up the run to the finish, which being in the middle of nowhere, has no landmarks to highlight it.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 272 feet / 83 metres

RGT Magic Road: N2cZQxU1OFwi

Total distance: 22.42 mi
Max elevation: 25 ft
Min elevation: 0 ft
Total climbing: 273 ft
Total descent: -284 ft

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