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Stage 325 – Mundrabilla to The Middle of Nowhere

After a brief stopover in what might be loosely termed ‘civilisation’ because it had an airstrip, it’s back out into the outback of Western Australia on stage 325 as the Eyre Highway heads on relentlessly east towards the border with South Australia. The route is once again east/north east along the ridge that has been with the ride since Madura, and this stage is best described as a series of short straights linked by gentle bends: and it’s flat, at least in the sense that there are no major climbs, and the elevation rarely deviates much from thirty to forty feet above sea level.

The rollout is lumpy flat/downhill for thirteen miles and the pace is likely to be high. At seventeen miles, the road passes by the Mundrabilla Roadhouse on the left, with the local airstrip on the right. Mark Beaumont took a pitstop at the Roadhouse on his journey around the world so you’re afforded the rare luxury of a thirty second detour on roads that aren’t perfectly straight.

From the Roadhouse the highway climbs gently at first, but more lumpily thereafter, to nineteen miles where it descends again before entering the final two mile straight to the finish in – you’ve guessed it – the middle of nowhere.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 276 feet / 84 metres

RGT Magic Road: tl5NDGM3DJoQ

Total distance: 22.42 mi
Max elevation: 52 ft
Min elevation: 10 ft
Total climbing: 276 ft
Total descent: -304 ft

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