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Stage 324 – The Middle of Nowhere to Mundrabilla

This is one of three remaining stages in Western Australia, and the first to finish near a town since Cocklebiddy in stage 319. The route runs easy/north east across the Nullarbor Plain, homing in on the coastline as it does so but only because the coast runs north east/east: the two will meet at the state border on stage 327.

This stage is flat, lumpy and fast. There are no climbs or descents greater than fifteen feet and the road never exceeds sixty feet or drops much below forty feet in its entire twenty three mile run. The Eyre Highway follows the ridge than runs all the way from Madura in the west to Eucla in the east. The ridge runs close to the road on its left hand (northern) side to the eight miles mark before the ridge heads north east for a mile and thereafter the road and the ridge run parallel to each other at a distance of about two miles for the remainder of the stage.

In terms of civilisation, there is nothing until the Mundrabilla Livestock Yard at fifteen miles: it sits a mile off the highway up a dirt road to the north. Shortly after that, a second dirt road to the north heads off to Mundrabilla Homestead Airport a mile from the highway, and after that there’s a dirt track rest area at eighteen miles, but apart from that it’s dead straight, dead flat and dead boring all the way to the finish: best grab a wheel and let the bots do all the work.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 187 feet / 57 metres

RGT Magic Road: LjC2M0mBcH4v

Total distance: 22.46 mi
Max elevation: 60 ft
Min elevation: 40 ft
Total climbing: 186 ft
Total descent: -194 ft

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