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Stage 322 – The Middle of Nowhere to a Different Middle of Nowhere

Although this stage screams The Middle of Nowhere to The Middle of Nowhere, it also boasts the Madura Pass which is virtually guaranteed to give you a thirty second thrill halfway through the stage: as you’re travelling west to east, that makes it downhill. That section of just over a mile at twelve miles is without doubt the highlight of the stage because the rest of it is either lumpy uphill (miles one to twelve) or lumpy flat (miles fourteen to the end).

The route is generally a bunch of straight segments linked by a series of gentle left and right curves. The Madura Pass heads inland from the coast, initially running parallel with the Eyre Highway before kicking north east roughly south of the start of the stage and eventually crossing the road at the twelve mile mark. Thereafter it runs parallel with the road again at a distance of around 200m to the north (the left hand side as you’re riding the stage).

At the bottom of the Pass itself lies the Oasis Motel and local services. On the other side of the road, to the north, lies Madura Airport, which is serviced by the Loongana Madura Road off the highway at thirteen miles. Apart from Madura, there are no other significant landmarks on the stage and it finishes as it began, in the middle of nowhere.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 243 feet / 74 metres

RGT Magic Road: X0G7X7rNsH3j

Total distance: 22.4 mi
Max elevation: 361 ft
Min elevation: 75 ft
Total climbing: 243 ft
Total descent: -454 ft

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