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Stage 32 – Panketal to Herzfelde

This is a fabulous stage. A hundred and fifty feet of climbing more than in stage 31 maybe, but this is a stage to absolutely get stuck in. The climbs aren’t as severe as on other stages, but on the other hand they just keep on coming. After a gentle uphill start, the road crashes downhill between miles three and five. Then the climbing starts: yes there are a few short periods of respite, but basically miles five to fifteen are generally uphill punctuated by small pockets of respite. Then the road descends for a couple of miles before the climbing starts all over again. It’s a stage for attacking. It’s a stage for hanging onto the wheel in front. It’s a stage to totally bury yourself. With Berlin now firmly in the rear view mirror, it all kicks off heading generally south east and finishing just over one full stage from the Polish border.

The rollout from Neu Buch swings right almost immediately, passing through Schwanebeck after a mile, over main autoroute 11 and into Birkholz a mile later where the Birkholzer Chaussee highway hangs a right and heads south east to Blumberg (five miles). Blumberg is the lowest elevation on the stage and although there are one or two bunches of water knocking about, there are no river or canals to really justify the two hundred foot descent.

The route then heads east on route 158 but branches (right) off that ahead of Seefeld before bending further south to Krummensee, site of the Haussee lake at nine miles. Carrying on south east, the route passes by Paulshof on the right then Altlansberg Nord on the left before snaking left/right/left/right through Altlandsberg itself at eleven miles.

Out of Altlandsberg, the road hangs a left before looping right and clockwise through Radebruck at thirteen miles and on to Bruchmuhle a mile later. The descent down to Eggersdorf at sixteen miles takes the road down close to the Fredersdorfer Muhlenflieb river, which it doesn’t cross, and the Annaflieb river, which it does, at eighteen miles.

The road then slides between Stienitzee lake on the right and the smaller Kleiner Stienitzee on the left in the town of Hennickendork at nineteen miles. The route then heads further south and crosses route 1 at twenty miles before swinging left/left through Herzfelde at back up to route 1 where the stage finishes at the point where the slip road joins the main road.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 584 feet / 178 metres

RGT Magic Road: BynaVh1046WO

Total distance: 22.04 mi
Max elevation: 731 ft
Min elevation: 528 ft
Total climbing: 581 ft
Total descent: -750 ft

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