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Stage 319 – The Middle of Nowhere to Cocklebiddy

We’re fast approaching the part of the coastline where the Great Australian Bight stops heading northeast and begins heading east/south east. Around The World is inland by about twenty five miles but because the Eyre Highway follows the line of the coast, that’s reflected in stage 319.

It’s a very lumpy stage but because there are only just over two hundred feet of climbing, it’s likely to be fast and furious: indeed there’s actually a tiny bit more descending than climbing so despite the lumpiness of the profile, it’s likely to suit the power riders.

The rollout from the middle of nowhere stays that way for six miles until the Eyre Highway meets the northern edge of the Nuytsland Nature Reserve at five miles. It runs along the top edge of the forest for two miles before becoming fully embedded in the woods for the next ten miles, all of which are lumpy up and down. The steepest climb is at thirteen miles but it’s nothing to trouble the scorers.

Exiting the forest at seventeen miles, the road returns to the northern edge of the nature reserve and descends lumpily but gently to the finish just west of Cocklebiddy.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 233 feet / 71 metres

RGT Magic Road: QdyoVneDQ6MU

Total distance: 22.47 mi
Max elevation: 211 ft
Min elevation: 172 ft
Total climbing: 233 ft
Total descent: -270 ft

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