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Stage 315 – The Middle of Nowhere to A Different Middle of Nowhere

Now here’s a stage that’s right up there with the contenders for the most boring of the entire journey: completely straight, no real downhills to speak of, and a profile that shows a definite, albeit gentle, gradient upwards from mile five through to the finish at mile twenty four. If ever there was a stage for hanging onto someone else’s back wheel, this is it.

The rollout is along the northern edge of the Ngadju Indigenous Protected Area runs slightly downhill for a couple of miles before the Eyre Highway flattens out to five miles where the climb begins. At eleven miles, the road enters the forest proper as the trees extend north onto the left hand side of the road, and it remains that way until just before the finish when the road re-establishes its original trajectory on the north fringe on the wood.

There are no communities or townships on the stage so just make sure you’re got everything you need on the bike before you set off. As I highlighted at the top of the show, it’s long, it’s straight, it’s mostly uphill and it’s boring. Enjoy!

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 177 feet / 54 metres

RGT Magic Road: MCCJyrlm8heS

Total distance: 22.97 mi
Max elevation: 418 ft
Min elevation: 362 ft
Total climbing: 179 ft
Total descent: -130 ft

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