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Stage 311 – Fraser Range to Newman’s Rock Campsite

After all the climbing stages of late, here’s a respite stage that has twice as much descent as it has ascent. As has become the norm in the red dirt outback of Western Australia, there’s hee haw in the way of townships and communities along the route, so I hope you’ve packed all you need in the way of provisions for this this speedfest.

And having praised the elevation profile, may I also big up the rollout by announcing the first two miles are uphill to one of the most significant features of the stage: a bend! It’s at two miles that the direction changes from north east to east/south east as the Eyre Highway skirts around the northern side of Mount Pleasant and Wyralinu Hill, which make up a significant part of the Fraser Range of hills. The bend also happens to own the highest elevation of the stage at just under eleven hundred feet above sea level.

Once round the corner, you’re unleashed onto a large lumpy seventeen mile descent all the way down to the Nova Mine access road, and a five hundred foot elapsed descent to get there: but be aware that the descent also includes around four hundred feet of ascent by way of big lumps.

Once past the access road, the road hangs a tad more to the right to assume a full on south easterly for the final four mile assault on the finish. It’s lumpy and it’s dead straight. It’s also probably a bit boring until the last couple of hundred metres/yards (delete as appropriate) which dive back into the forest of the extensive Dundas Nature Reserve for the sprint to the line.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 492 feet / 150 metres

RGT Magic Road: BOY7K1tiinwR

Total distance: 22.92 mi
Max elevation: 1067 ft
Min elevation: 596 ft
Total climbing: 493 ft
Total descent: -830 ft

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