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Stage 31 – Oranienburg to Panketal

This is a sting in the tail sort of a stage. It’s short, so it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. But lurking in the back of your mind in the first half should be the fact that this is a near six hundred foot climb from start to finish, and only a third of that is before halfway. Indeed, the last six miles pack a real punch, save for a wee fast descent at 14 miles. The rest of those last six miles are a slog, especially the bit where it all kicks off just before the ten mile mark. The route is south east across the northern suburbs of Berlin, and the stage finishes around twenty miles north east of the city centre.

The rollout from Oranienburg crosses the Oder-Haval canal straight out of the gate before leaving the city on the Muhlenbecker Weg highway. It runs straight on a gentle climb to Zuhlslake where the road curves right after four miles. From being previously south east, the road now runs south/south east through Summt at six miles, and the Summter See lake beside it, under autoroute 10, through Feldheim and on to Muhlenbeck at eight miles where the route turns left and starts heading east/south east.

At nine miles, there’s a short sharp climb where the road rises to cross over autoroute 10 again, then the road hangs a left into Schonerlinde (eleven miles) before bending right out of it on the Schonerlinder Strabe and across the state border from Brandenburg into Berlin. The route remains in “Berlin” until just before the finish at fifteen miles where it crosses back into Brandenburg once more.

After recrossing the boundary, the route hangs a left and curves gently left into the finish at Neu Buch. There are now only two more stages before the Polish border.

Distance: 16 miles / 26 kilometres

Ascent: 518 feet / 158 metres

RGT Magic Road: AgjrOMLHd4c2

Total distance: 16.02 mi
Max elevation: 700 ft
Min elevation: 457 ft
Total climbing: 520 ft
Total descent: -288 ft

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