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Stage 298 – Glen Raven to Jerdacuttup

You’ll be thankful that one thing that this stage isn’t, is straight: it’s actually a subtle blend of short straights and lots of bends. That’s maybe because the terrain isn’t exactly flat. But the good news is that it isn’t arduous either, and with it boasting only three hundred feet of ascent with a sharp downhill section at two thirds distance, it should prove to be a good fast stage.

The rollout is flat for three miles before a gentle descent takes the route downhill to cross the Phillips river. The the road climbs back up, passing Elstree Farm at eight miles before descending to cross a tributary of the same river at ten miles.

The South Coast Highway then climbs up past the junction to Proudlove Downs to the north, to Ravensthorpe at thirteen miles. That’s where the road dives four hundred feet downhill in a little over two miles, but curiously there’s no water involved. This one is just down to the landscape at the road passes through Ravensthorpe en route to Creswick at sixteen miles.

There’s then a rise to eighteen miles where the highway picks up the route of a feeder into the Jerdacuttup river. The two run side by side to twenty one miles, which ensure a relatively flat road, before the river takes a turn to the north and the road descends gently to the finish at Jerdacuttup itself.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 331 feet / 101 metres

RGT Magic Road: FKITi9x4M2y2

Total distance: 23.43 mi
Max elevation: 1040 ft
Min elevation: 537 ft
Total climbing: 332 ft
Total descent: -765 ft

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