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Stage 294 – Pallinup Nature Reserve to Gairdner

This is an interesting stage whose profile is defined by the early crossing of the Pallinup river after just a mile and a half, followed by a general march inland heading away from the coast at a rate of between one and two miles per mile.

The rollout runs alongside the southern edge of the Pallinup Nature Reserve to the crossing of the river at Wellstead Crossing. Water guarantees that the rollout is downhill but the price to pay for that luxury is that the route away from the crossing is both uphill and twice as high in terms of elevation gained: indeed, the road gains three hundred feet of ascent before Boxwood Hill at five miles.

After Boxwood, the South Coast Highway continues to climb, albeit at a much lesser gradient. It passes by Beaming Hill at seven miles, Camlebren at nine miles, Bensure at ten miles and Darrallen Downs at twelve miles. By the time the stage reaches Myoora at thirteen miles, the gradient starts to increase again and the stretch between Myoora and Marysmount at seventeen miles delivers the highest elevation of the stage at just over six hundred feet above sea level.

The right hander at Marysmount takes the road easterly to Barrabiddy at twenty one miles, passing by Corrang and Gairdner Bin along the way. The subsequent left turn at Gairdner Bin, three miles from the finish, re-establishes a northerly run, and the road remains remains on that course all the way to the finish at Rye Park on what can best be described as a lumpy run in to the line.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 942 feet / 287 metres

RGT Magic Road: zaEUvyC3E4XV

Total distance: 25.01 mi
Max elevation: 632 ft
Min elevation: 124 ft
Total climbing: 943 ft
Total descent: -639 ft

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