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Stage 287 – Boscabel to Lumeah

Here’s a stage whose elevation profile looks like a graph of your heart rate. It’s nasty but the good news is it’s not a flat line!

The rollout just south of Valley View is flat for a mile before a short up/down leads into the first long lumpy climb. That starts as the road exits the left hander after two miles and carries on to the gentle right hander at six miles, passing by Gabyinda along the way. As the road continues to climb in an undulating manner, another two mile straight takes you to Yelverton Downs. That’s followed by a descent to Fifty Two Creek, and that marks the start of the ongoing major undulations. Each is generally fifty feet up followed by fifty feet down in two mile cycles, and there are at least five of them.

Halfway up the first climb, you pass by Brooklyn and Clayton before the highway reaches Palmirup at twelve miles. That’s followed by Glenessie at thirteen miles before the much larger town of Kojonup is reached at fourteen miles. There are river crossings north and south of the town, hence the undulations, and the second of these, Kojonup Brook, runs alongside the railway line into the town.

The next major water feature is Mandulup Brook, which crosses west to east near Maybenup at eighteen miles. It sits on a left/right combination of bends that sets up a three mile straight that passes Overton Farm at twenty miles as the road continues to climb up and down. After splitting the gap between Marricup and Fernielee at twenty two miles, the road crosses Balgarup river halfway round the long left hander at twenty three miles, and that sets up the uphill run to the finishing line just after the town of Balgarup itself.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 1243 feet / 379 metres

RGT Magic Road: Ig8QJ2TsRR27

Total distance: 25.04 mi
Max elevation: 1268 ft
Min elevation: 900 ft
Total climbing: 1243 ft
Total descent: -958 ft
Download file: Stage 287 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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