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Stage 280 – Yaojiaying to Badaling

Stage 280: not just the last stage in China but the last stage in Asia and the end of the first leg of around The World In 800 Days. The stage goes around the north eastern end of Lake Guanting in a big long clockwise loop then crosses the Guishi river on the eastern side of Yanqing District before heading south and finally east towards Beijing, finishing in Badaling town next to the railway station.

The rollout is initially uphill for a mile and a half but the elevation gained is soon lost, and more, as the road drops down to just thirty feet by four miles. Miles four to twenty two are basically flat as the road follows the northern route around the top end of the lake. It crosses the S3801 Jingli expressway at six miles and the G110 Jingbao expressway at eleven miles on the approach to Yanqing. There’s a right/left combination of bends as the route leaves Yanqing on the south side then a further meeting with the Jingli expressway at twenty miles before the left turn towards Badaling.

At twenty one miles, the road crosses the G6 highway, crossing back again at twenty two miles having run alongside it on the south side for a mile. The road loops left/right twenty three miles as it enters Badaling Wildlife World on an uphill finish to the line.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 207 feet / 63 metres

RGT Magic Road: 991KnfpBkNU2

Total distance: 23.42 mi
Max elevation: 161 ft
Min elevation: 33 ft
Total climbing: 208 ft
Total descent: -216 ft

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