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Stage 267 – Barunyangsi to Taonuotingtaoyirimu

Uphill stages? Better make that four in a row because this one finishes at over four thousand feet, and not only that but most of the ascent is reserved for the latter stages of the ride.

The highlight of the stage is a trip through the town of Sonid Youqi, which at least guarantees some subtle changes of direction after all the straight roads of recent stages.

The rollout is flat and remains that way around the snaking left/right combination of bends after a mile. A right handed curve then sets you up for a five mile straight that runs to the six mile mark: the road itself crosses over the Erguang highway after two miles as the highway skirts around the western edge of Sonid Youqi while the bike route passes right through it.

Although there’s a one mile climb from miles five to six, and further short climbs away from dips in the road at four, nine and ten miles, the bulk of the climbing doesn’t start until after the descent at fourteen miles: thereafter it’s a ten mile slog, uphill, all the way to the finish adjacent to the Donghu Road, with the railway on the right of the cycle route, and the Erguang highway beyond that.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 449 feet / 137 metres

RGT Magic Road: DiglqsY9tg3U

Total distance: 22.91 mi
Max elevation: 4027 ft
Min elevation: 3865 ft
Total climbing: 449 ft
Total descent: -283 ft

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