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Stage 255 – Dalanjargalan to Airag

The second stage in the Dornogovi province, stage 255 continues the journey south east, and if you zoom out on the map, you can see that the trajectory is directly towards the Chinese border, and indeed Beijing, the ultimate destination of this phase of the journey.

But before getting too far ahead of yourself, you’ve this lumpy downhill stage to deal with: the second such stage in a row. As ever, it runs on the left (eastern) side of the railway, and although it does meander slightly left and right in the mid section, it’s otherwise a pretty straight road.

The rollout is gently downhill for nine miles then as the highway approaches Airag it climbs to thirteen miles. After Airag, the road crosses a branch line of the railway that heads north into Gobi province. At seventeen miles, the road climbs back up for a mile before beginning the final long gentle descent to the finish. All in all this is a very straightforward stage that has the potential to be very fast.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 276 feet / 84 metres

RGT Magic Road: hfHHp2aqkH7R

Total distance: 23.95 mi
Max elevation: 3571 ft
Min elevation: 3300 ft
Total climbing: 275 ft
Total descent: -549 ft

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