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Stage 254 – Hongor to Dalanjargalan

You’re going to enjoy this stage. It’s the mirror image of one or two that have gone by recently in that although it offers four hundred feet of climbing, it finishes almost five hundred feet lower than it starts. In essence it’s a lumpy downhill stage.

The rollout is on a right hand curve that swings the other way – left – after a mile. The road’s lumpy flat which basically means it’s not really up, it’s not really down and it’s not really flat. It gently undulates all the way to seven miles where the highest elevation of the stage – just over four thousand one hundred feet – is achieved.

Although the railway starts off next the the road, it deviates at seven miles after the top of the climb and takes a wider route to the south west of the highway, albeit still heading in the same general direction. From the high point, it’s basically a seventeen mile gentle downhill run all the way to the finish, with the exception of a wee lumpy rise at fifteen miles. As downhill runs go, this is a good one. The rise takes you past the town of Dalanjargalan but after that it’s a straight run to the finish line.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 430 feet / 131 metres

RGT Magic Road: PHe4vttjqOvK

Total distance: 23.52 mi
Max elevation: 4125 ft
Min elevation: 3551 ft
Total climbing: 429 ft
Total descent: -891 ft
Download file: Stage 254 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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