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Stage 253 – Chior to Hongor

Here’s another stage with huge amounts of wibbly wobble: precious little flat road but unlimited amounts of climbing and descending although the total ascent at just over five hundred feet is nothing too spectacular.

The rollout from Chior continues the route south east, with the railway on the right hand side of the road, although is deviates in the middle of the stage to avoid the worst of the gradient on the steepest climb. The road crosses from Govisumber province into Dornogovi province at eighteen miles, but there’s plenty of action to get through before then.

The first mile is lumpy and gently downhill before a much steeper descent kicks in as the road follows a four mile long right hander. The descent finishes where the road swings left and that signals the start of a series of short punchy climbs, each interspersed with an equally short descent for respite: but the overall picture is one of climbing, and when the route reaches fifteen miles, the road crests the summit of the high point of the stage at over four thousand two hundred feet.

Then comes the provincial crossing, halfway down the long descent that finally peters out at twenty miles. That’s followed by a short up and down before the road briefly crosses back into, and almost immediately back out of Govisumber province a couple of miles from the finish. The run in to the finish itself is gently downhill which should make for a good sprint.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 525 feet / 160 metres

RGT Magic Road: LY6LTaiv2D48

Total distance: 23.54 mi
Max elevation: 4247 ft
Min elevation: 4032 ft
Total climbing: 526 ft
Total descent: -709 ft

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