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Stage 245 – Baga Suji to Burhanta

The pain just keeps on coming. There have been plenty of stages like this one in recent times, but stage 245 takes the bar to a whole new level, quite literally. Although the stage doesn’t finish there, the sixteen mile mark on this stage sees the elevation top out at just under 5100ft, by far the highest of the journey so far.

Although the rollout is gently downhill, it soon flattens out and by a mile gone, you’ll be rattling along a lumpy flat section of road. As you round the left hander at three miles, so the road starts to creep upwards and it continues in that vein for the next nine miles, passing through Bayanchandmani at seven miles, halfway along the long straight that finishes as you enter the chicane at twelve miles. That’s also the point where you get a bit of respite from the climbing but it’s short lived because by fourteen miles you start going up again. The summit comes as you cross from the Tov region into the Ulaanbaatar region, which reinforces the idea that maybe the regions were traditionally bounded by land geography.

However once the road goes over the top at sixteen miles, a long descent kicks in which takes almost seven hundred feet off the elevation in five miles before the road starts rising again two miles from the finish. The finish itself comes just after a gentle right hand bend where the road crests the final summit of the stage.

Fifteen hundred feet of climbing is not to be taken lightly, and this stage is one that will surely have left its mark on your legs by the finish.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 1539 feet / 469 metres

RGT Magic Road: mYkwWa7dY2Ud

Total distance: 23.53 mi
Max elevation: 5076 ft
Min elevation: 3811 ft
Total climbing: 1540 ft
Total descent: -958 ft

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