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Stage 24 – Sievershausen to Calberlah

Stage 24 offers some respite from all the climbing of the previous few stages. The first eleven miles are flattish, save for a descent and a subsequent climb back up to the same elevation (plus a bit more) between miles two and four. Thereafter it’s pretty flat to eleven miles where a long undulating descent begins, not just to the finish, but to an elevation a hundred feet below the starting point.

The rollout rises gently into Oelerse where the road takes the right fork leading into town and tacks south east to Abbensen instead. Through Abbensen, the road rises to Klein Osdesse at three miles and it’s followed by Oedesse half a mile later. Into Edermissen at five miles, the Zum Osterberge highway snakes right/left/righ through the town before emerging north east to Klein Blumenhagen when the route takes a right/left through Alvesse and Klein Rietze where it also crosses the Erse river: that’s a lot of action with just eight miles on the clock.

The road continues to climb and on the approach to Hillerse at eleven miles, the road crosses over the Oker river at the highest point on the stage. Through Hillerse, it’s north east and a descent to Leiferde at thirteen miles and there the route hangs a right to begin heading east to Ribbesbuttel at sixteen miles. It’s a left/right through the town before crossing the Ausbutteler Riede river and hanging a left onto route 4 north of Ausbuttel.

The ATW route remains on route 4 for only a few hundred metres however because having passed the junction where route 4 heads north west towards Gifhorn, the ATW route takes a sharp right back on itself to Bornsiek at nineteen miles: after Bornsiek, the road slides gently right into Isenbuttel before snakling left/right into the centre of town and out again, still heading south east. That changes at twenty miles however when the route hangs a left off the Calberlaher Strabe onto the Haustenbecker Strabe. It subsequently gives way to a right hand turn at the very next junction and from there, the road crosses the Elbe-Seitenkanal before climbing gently to the finish north of Calberlah.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 230 feet / 70 metres

RGT Magic Road: sHTncfvQzjZk

Total distance: 22.01 mi
Max elevation: 647 ft
Min elevation: 521 ft
Total climbing: 224 ft
Total descent: -301 ft

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