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Stage 23 – Pattensen to Sievershausen

Stage 23 starts from Pattensen on the outskirts of Hannover, heading north east initially through nearby Rethen, before picking up a largely easterly trajectory through Wassel, Sehnde, Rethmar, Evern, Halmar and Mehrum before heading due north at 17 miles to Hamelerwald and Sievershausen. It’s generally an uphill stage, with an undulating climb straight out of the pen lasting pretty much until mile fourteen except for a little respite between miles nine and eleven. From mile seventeen, the climbing starts again, although the saving grace is a wee descent leading into the finish.

The rollout from midway between Pattensen and Koldingen loops left/right/left clockwise around the latter on a lumpy uphill start to the stage before crossing the Leine river and sliding north through the Bethen district. On the approach to Laatzen, route 443 swings right, crosses over autoroutes 37 and 7 one after the other north of their intersection at five miles. Then it’s onward, east/north east, over the Mittellandkanal at seven miles on what has become a long lumpy ascent.

There’s a further clockwise detour around Wassel at eight miles before the route slides through Sehnde a mile later, having joined route 65 on the way into town, then Sehnde is followed by Rethmar, Evern and Haimar in quick succession. Now heading east, the highway loops into and back out of Mehrum at fifteen miles before hanging a left off route 65 north of Equord onto Hamelerwalder Strabe. it recrosses the Mittellandkanal before running north through Hamelerwald, over the main autoroute 2 which is running east/west, through Sievershausen on its northern side, and onward to the finish north of the Forellensee Sievershausen fishing lake on the way to Abbensen. Having climbd for most of the stage, the road reaches its highest point as the road enters Hamelerwald and although the elevation remains high through the town, the road descends to the finish from Sievershausen.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 430 feet / 131 metres

RGT Magic Road: GjG0TfYMFvVs

Total distance: 22.49 mi
Max elevation: 642 ft
Min elevation: 489 ft
Total climbing: 431 ft
Total descent: -328 ft
Download file: Stage 23 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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