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Stage 220 – Tel’ma to Sharony

This is another of those super lumpy bumpy stages that leaves you gasping for air and a breather. With precious little flat virtual tarmac on display, this is a stage that will drain you physically if you attack it..

The rollout from Tel’ma is initially downhill and steep. But it’s also short-lived: the descent to half a mile is quickly reversed back up to one mile. Then it’s downhill to Zheleznodorozhnoye at three miles before climbing back up to the same elevation that you started the stage from at six miles. It’s that kind of stage.

There’s a big looping left hander around Biliktuy and Maysk between miles seven and thirteen, a section of the stage that sees an initial sharp climb followed by a lumpy middle bit before a second steep ascent takes you up to the highest elevation of the stage.

The top of the climb occurs as the route enters Angarsk on a right angled hander. That’s followed by a wiggly downhill straight that follows the railway line tp Zhardovnik at twenty miles. As the road turns right and south, the railway carries on straight and that’s the last they see of each other on the stage.

The flattest part of the stage is between miles twenty and twenty three approaching the right hander that’s followed by a tight hairpin left that leads you onto the looping left hander that sets up the finish. The hairpin itself sits on a short sharp climb but once you’re over the top, the road descends nicely down to the finishing line.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 856 feet / 261 metres

RGT Magic Road: IZc2zdN4yCNg

Total distance: 24.91 mi
Max elevation: 1422 ft
Min elevation: 1212 ft
Total climbing: 852 ft
Total descent: -872 ft

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