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Stage 218 – Shamanaeva to Mikhaylovka

An interesting stage, and one that looks so simple on the map, but is anything but in its profile. As it trundles on south east towards Irkutsk, it may only incur just over four hundred feet of climbing but there’s precious little flat road to show for it. It’s a stage that sports quite a few climbs and one or two flying descents.

The rollout from Shamanaeva to the west of Novogromovskoye is initially uphill out of the pen before the road descends gently for a mile. That’s the precursor for the first flying descent of the stage, a rapid half mile in which the road loses a hundred feet of elevation.

If there’s any flat at all on the stage, it comes in the next three miles between miles two and five. That’s followed by a second short steep descent which leads you into the first proper climb of the day from six miles near to Trudovoy. When that tops out, the road drops sixty feet in virtually no time before assuming a much longer and more gradual descent down to the eastern side of Bulayskoye at fifteen miles. The road then meanders along on a lumpy ascent before a sharp descent at eighteen miles takes you in and out of the forest to the lowest elevation of the stage at just under fifteen hundred feet.

That’s the signal to begin the longest and arguably the toughest climb of the stage from miles eighteen to twenty one. Once you’re over the top of that one, the road dips back down to the finish, although before you enter the long left hander that sets up the finish near Mikhaylovka, there’s a short rise to deal with at twenty four miles.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 427 feet / 130 metres

RGT Magic Road: zpsIjzegqYo5

Total distance: 24.99 mi
Max elevation: 1660 ft
Min elevation: 1450 ft
Total climbing: 427 ft
Total descent: -567 ft

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