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Stage 216 – Tyret 2’Ya to Vladimir

In reality, this is not the slog that it looks on paper when you consider that you’ve got to do seven hundred and fifty feet of climbing. Over half of it will be knocked off between miles six and eight, which should smash the peleton all over the place, then the vast majority of the rest is between miles seventeen and the finish. The rest of the stage is a bit of a doddle in the grand scheme of things.

The route is south easterly and fifty per cent split between forested and unforested. It’s forested from miles six to twelve and from twenty one to the finish. It’s unforested everywhere else. The route also follows the railway for the entire stage, although they are often some way apart: they are closest between miles seventeen and twenty two after the town of Zalari.

The rollout from north of Tyret 2’Ya passes through the village after two miles, then passes by the junction to its big brother, Tyret 1’Ya, at four miles. 1’Ya has a train station, 2’Ya doesn’t. Then it’s that beastly climb up to the highest elevation of the stage – 1650ft – before the descent back down to Zalari.

The road hangs a left around the northern side of the town, and the highway manages to bisect the gap between Bazhirskoye a mile to the north and the centre of Zalari a mile to the south. As you exit Zalari on a right hander, that’s where you pick up the railway line. That’s also the lowest elevation of the stage – 1225ft – before the climbing begins up to the finish.

The seven mile climb to the finish is initially forested on both sides, but not actually around the road itself. For that, you have to wait until twenty one miles when the steepest bit of the climb kicks in: in fact those last two miles are a bit of a beast so it’s worth keeping something back for the final assault.

Distance: 26 miles / 42 kilometres

Ascent: 755 feet / 230 metres

RGT Magic Road: EvTSWO7jFT2S

Total distance: 23.43 mi
Max elevation: 1643 ft
Min elevation: 1225 ft
Total climbing: 752 ft
Total descent: -755 ft

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