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Stage 213 – Tuliushka to Listvyanka

Stage 213 is such a tease. On paper it looks no better or no worse than many of its predecessors: it boasts a big lumpy up and down seventeen mile trip in and out of the woods before a four mile descent speeds you down to the lowest elevation of the day at twenty one miles. The stage is a tease because a third of the climbing on the whole stage is reserved for the last two miles, and if you’re planning an attack anywhere on this stage, that’s surely the place to do it.

This part of southern Siberia is slightly less forested than we’ve been used to of late and that’s reflected in the terrain of this stage. You’re in and out of the woods with regular monotony, more out than in it must be said. The route is south easterly, and rejoins up with the railway line after a mile: the two run side by side for the next twelve miles until the road crosses the railway on a left hand bend just before Kuytun. The crossing is followed by a junction north to Alkin, and once the road gets into Kuytun itself, there are further junctions north east to Andryushinskoye and south to Lermontovskoye.

After Kuytun, the road climbs on a rambling three mile straight that goes into the forest for a mile, then back out again. The railway runs further south at this point and you won’t see it again for the remainder of the stage. The big descent mentioned at the top of the show starts as you hang a gentle left approaching eighteen miles and it doesn’t bottom out until the right hander at twenty one miles. After that it’s just the big slog that I mentioned at the start.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 722 feet / 220 metres

RGT Magic Road: JXzYnZgN7x4f

Total distance: 23.42 mi
Max elevation: 1754 ft
Min elevation: 1396 ft
Total climbing: 721 ft
Total descent: -757 ft

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