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Stage 210 – Khudoelanskoe to Traktovo-Kurzan

Stage 210’s awfy lumpy and bumpy, but then a lot of stages have been like that. It might only have five hundred feet of climbing in it, but it’ll give your legs precious little rest because if you’re not going up, then you’re going down: on repeat.

As with many of the stages of late, this one’s forested: 100%, the whole way. It also follows the railway, so if you think you’re not getting much of a view on the bike, imagine what it’s like on the train.

The rollout is downhill but that doesn’t last long. You’re climbing by half a mile and it carries on like that, up and down, with more up than down, all the way to Sheberta at nine miles. By then the trajectory has changed from south east to east, and it remains that way until twenty miles when the south easterly route takes over once more.

After Sheberta, the road leaves the railway for five miles, rejoining it at Varyag at fifteen miles. Although the road climbs steeply shortly after, a long lumpy descent finally kicks in at seventeen miles, and although it does kick wickedly upwards a couple of times thereafter, that descent effectively takes you all the way to the finish at Traktovo-Kurzan, passing Budagovskoye at twenty one miles as it does so. The final miles is a mad descent of almost a hundred feet so you should get a right good run to the line and a good sprint on.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 489 feet / 149 metres

RGT Magic Road: fqgJEzhox6ZG

Total distance: 23.84 mi
Max elevation: 1850 ft
Min elevation: 1635 ft
Total climbing: 489 ft
Total descent: -642 ft

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