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Stage 209 – Voznesenskii to Khudoelanskoe

You’re definitely getting somewhere now! Rolling out from Voznesenskii, south east of Nizhneudinsk, the route continues on a south easterly trajectory as it piles on relentlessly towards Irkutsk which is now only thirteen stages away.

95% of the stage is in forest, the only respite from trees being Khudoyelanskoye itself just before the finish, but even that’s short lived because the finishing line’s back in the trees.

Miles one to ten are downhill, passing by the junction to Shumskiy at two miles, immediately before a left, right, left wiggle in the road. Although the route is largely following the railway line, albeit about a mile away, it’s noticeable that the railway meanders left and right at ten miles, which gives some indication of the severity of the climb on the road that begins at roughly the same place.

The climb is severe, rivalling anything that has gone before in the previous two hundred plus stages. The road rises over nine hundred feet in under three miles. On RGT, we’re talking about some serious red stuff. However once you’re over the top, the rest of the stage is relatively lumpy flat, gaining only two hundred feet more in the remaining eleven miles.

The climb peaks at Verkhniy Kninguy at the straight of a three mile straight that runs to a gentle right hander near to Kaduy Derevnya. On approach to the finish near Khudoyelanskoye, the road and the railway converge again, the railway going through the centre of the town whilst the road route skirts around the northern perimeter. The finish of the stage is right next to the railway on the eastern side of the town.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 1404 feet / 428 metres

RGT Magic Road: T5dHdp1ctFh7

Total distance: 23.44 mi
Max elevation: 1815 ft
Min elevation: 755 ft
Total climbing: 1405 ft
Total descent: -897 ft
Download file: Stage 209 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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