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Stage 208 – Uk to Voznesenskii

Here’s a classic stage that descends more than twice its ascent: indeed you could go far as to say that it’s a downhiller with a couple of lumpy bits thrown in just to keep your legs honest.

The rollout is initially uphill but that soon changes as the road rejoins the railway line on the route south towards Mara at five miles. The route’s forested, and continues that way as the road hangs a long left hander at seven miles that takes you from a south facing direction into an easterly. There are short climbs at four and eight miles, but neither is particularly troublesome. As the road negotiates the undulations, it homes in on Kuryaty at eleven miles, the precursor to the much bigger town of Nizhneudinsk.

Having been away from the railway for a while, the road crosses it at twelve miles before embarking on a steep descent down into Nizhneudinsk and the crossing of the Uda river, not once but twice after a sharp left hander in the middle of the town. After the second crossing, at sixteen miles, the road rises for a mile as it snakes right, left, right out of town. However the climb is gentle, stretching out to twenty one miles before the road re-enters the forest for the remainder of the stage. The final three miles are lumpy flat with nothing of real merit to trouble the scorers in the way of hills. Overall, this is a good fast stage.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 292 feet / 89 metres

RGT Magic Road: a0kBOCiFCVpu

Total distance: 23.46 mi
Max elevation: 1604 ft
Min elevation: 1232 ft
Total climbing: 291 ft
Total descent: -608 ft

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