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Stage 202 – Nizhny Ingash to Dogadaevo

This is a milestone stage (as is stage 203) because it’s the last full day in federal region of Krasnoyarsk Krai: the next stage crosses into Irkutsk Oblast where the adventure remains almost until the Mongolian border. It’s been a long time coming, to get this far.

This is a meandering stage that starts off heading south east, then east, then south east again, and finally east/north east. The first five miles, through Novaya Poyma, where the road hangs a sweeping left hander, to Sharbysh, are all uphill, the gradient becoming increasing steeper as the road runs alongside the railway, crossing it no fewer than seven times eventually.

It’s then lumpy flat for seven miles as the road visits Tinskiy while the railway takes the more direct route east through Tinskoy a couple of miles to the north. The highway swings right and south on approach to Tinskiy, which you reach at fifteen miles. You then get hit with a three hundred and fifty foot climb in a little under two miles: that will sort the wheat from the chaff for sure: expect attacks to happen on that climb.

Once you’re over the top, at Dogadayevo at sixteen miles, you begin a long seven mile descent to the finish. The road crosses the railway one more time before the line, which sets you up nicely for a further crossing right at the start of stage 203.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 712 feet / 217 metres

RGT Magic Road: ABcDallpDUJu

Total distance: 23.61 mi
Max elevation: 1279 ft
Min elevation: 874 ft
Total climbing: 697 ft
Total descent: -501 ft

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