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Stage 201 – Ilanskaya to Nizhny Ingash

After a few stages of climbing, it’s back to something more sedate as the route travels east to Nizhny Ingash. Most of the stage is forested although it does emerge from the trees after the yellow kite.

The rollout is sharply downhill for a mile which ensures a frantic start. After the road enters the trees, it rises gently for half a mile before beginning a five mile descent, past the junction to Ilanskiy and onward into the depths of the forest. At seven miles, there’s a gentle left hander that marks the start of a four mile climb that finishes just before Stepanovo at eleven miles.

At that point the highway re-engages with the railway and the two run virtually side by side, or at most a hundred metres apart, for the remainder of the stage. The road passes by Sulemka at sixteen miles before embarking on a four mile straight that passes Verkhniy Ingash en route to Nizhniy Ingash a mile from the finish.

The most elevated sections of the stage are at eleven miles and thirteen miles, with a dip and climb between them: but from the high point at thirteen miles, there follows an eleven mile descent all the way down to the finish that comes just after a sharp right hander in the centre of Nizhniy Ingash.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 249 feet / 76 metres

RGT Magic Road: PITDfvRwMw4r

Total distance: 23.53 mi
Max elevation: 1184 ft
Min elevation: 897 ft
Total climbing: 248 ft
Total descent: -504 ft
Download file: Stage 201 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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