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Stage 198 – Rybnoe to Verkhovaya

Just when you think you’re doing a good job heading east, the route takes a turn north, and even manages to head back north west for a few miles, sending you in what feels like the wrong direction (back where you came from): that’s the story of stage 198. And it’s got some cracking hills.

The rollout just west of Rybnoe passes by the town before skirting alongside the northern edge of the forest as it approaches the first climb of the day. As the road climbs, so it arcs gently to the right before swinging back leg on the approach to Lozovaya at eight miles. That’s also the top of the climb and the highest elevation of the stage at just over thirteen hundred feet.

As the route swings north easterly, you begin a short descent that’s interrupted by another short climb at eleven miles. Then the descent recommences, starting at twelve miles and dropping all the way to Tul’skoye at sixteen miles. This is the bit where you think you’re heading in the wrong direction. Miles sixteen to nineteen are a double whammy of going in the wrong direction (north westerly) and sharply uphill. You’ll love it.

However once you reach Borodinskiy, normal service is resumed and the road swings right and north east again for a quick descent to twenty one miles before a further climb somewhat lumpily flattens out as it meanders right/left/right to the finishing line.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 646 feet / 197 metres

RGT Magic Road: PRZPtTOpjXkW

Total distance: 23.52 mi
Max elevation: 1336 ft
Min elevation: 1070 ft
Total climbing: 645 ft
Total descent: -521 ft

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