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Stage 195 – Peschanka to Kuskun

It was billed at the end of stage 194 as a likely challenge with the crossing of the Yenisey river so early in the stage, because river crossings inevitably mean climbing on the other side. But this has more, more more, to test your resolve: stage 195 has the most climbing to date, over 1500ft of it, and it features a climb of no less than eleven miles before it finally offers some respite.

As promised, the rollout is gentle and downhill to the river. Immediately after, there’s a junction that snakes around the meandering river down to Berezovka on the south bank. Our route heads straight on in a south easterly direction. Further junctions come and go before the road enters the forest just after Voznesenskiy at nine miles.

There’s precious little straight road on the stage and as the highway continues to snake left and right, so it also continues to climb. Apart from the mile long dip to Voznesenskiy, the route climbs all the way from four miles, midway between separate junctions to Berezovka, and fifteen miles, where another junction takes the traveller south through the forest.

There are streams left and right, or should I say north and south, as the road unwinds into an easterly direction but still twisting left and right, however the elevation heads downwards from mile sixteen until mile twenty at Malaya Kuskunka. Then it kicks up again to a junction that links to Pervomanskiy, Kamarchagskiy, Kamenskiy and Shalinskiy, before settling into what can best be described as a lumpy flat run in to the finish. You’ll know you’ve worked when you cross the line on this one, that’s for sure.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 1594 feet / 486 metres

RGT Magic Road: o77hh1ukVfCz

Total distance: 24.46 mi
Max elevation: 1582 ft
Min elevation: 644 ft
Total climbing: 1591 ft
Total descent: -1176 ft

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