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Stage 194 – Cheremshanka Airport to Peschanka

Here’s a stage with quite a bit of interest because it wibbles and wobbles all over the place on the map with hardly a straight piece of road, then on top of that there’s no flat road either! With nearly six hundred feet of climbing to whet your appetite, this stage is guaranteed to cause some carnage.

The rollout is gently uphill to the eastern junction to the airport before a big descent kicks in. After Yemelanovo at three miles, the road swings left before kicking sharply right and south to the main arterial route into Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Siberia. Our route skirts around the north edge of the city without ever venturing into the city centre: but the exit off the M53 south onto the P255 northern ring road is as close as you’ll get to a right hand bend on this journey. In reality it’s a slip road off a major highway: however on RGT it appears as nothing more than a sweeping bend.

That junction is at six miles and the highway continues east past Shuvayevskiy at the halfway kite to the next junction south into Krasnoyarsk at sixteen miles. By now you’re climbing again although it’s nothing more than a gentle rise in reality, spread out over about three miles.

After that there’s a steep descent which you would normally associate with a river crossing, but there’s no water. After that, at eighteen miles, the road climbs back up away from the city. The climb’s a real tester: four hundred feet in just three miles, but the good news is that the road drops back down again once you’re over the top at twenty one miles.

There’s one more wee rise to contend with a mile from the finish, but that’s short lived and the road descends gently to to the finish in the approach to the Yenisey river, which will be a feature of the rollout on stage 195.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 587 feet / 179 metres

RGT Magic Road: THbxk5GhFV40

Total distance: 24.04 mi
Max elevation: 1046 ft
Min elevation: 599 ft
Total climbing: 588 ft
Total descent: -800 ft

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