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Stage 191 – Tarutino to Kozul’ka

Stage 191 is a day in the woods. An uphill day in the woods. A climbing day in the woods. The whole stage is forested, and even though there are sections of short descent, the overall feeling – because it’s true – is one of climbing.

The rollout from Tarutinskiy descends sharply down to water at three miles before the road starts climbing, swinging left then right on its way towards Novochernorechenskiy Poselok. A second descent follows at four miles and it bottoms out at six miles close to the first junction to the town. The next climb is on a long sweeping left hander that eventually brings you to the main junction into Novochernorechenskiy Poselok at ten miles.

After that the road passes by Postoyka to the south at twelve miles as a lumpy four mile climb begins. As the road meanders left and right up the climb, you pick up the line of the railway, which you eventually cross halfway up a particularly steep ascent at Shushkovo at eighteen miles. By the time the railway reappears alongside the road on the right hand side, you’re just about done with the climbing for the day (all nine hundred feet of it) and you’ll be relieved that the last four miles are either flat of gently downhill. The end of the stage is at the junction to Kozul’ka which sits two miles to the south of the Traktovaya Alitsa highway at twenty four miles.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 902 feet / 275 metres

RGT Magic Road: lnRMRuHIsmwz

Total distance: 24 mi
Max elevation: 1271 ft
Min elevation: 890 ft
Total climbing: 891 ft
Total descent: -760 ft
Download file: Stage 191 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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