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Stage 190 – Zertsaly to Tarutino

If stage 189 was a lumpy down hiller, then 190 is karma: it’s very much lumpy and uphill, putting back on much, if not all of the elevation that was lost in the previous gig.

The road leaves Beloarskiy on a gentle descent then immediately turns right. Interestingly enough, the railway line, which is adjacent to the road at the rollout, goes straight on at the bend and it crosses the Chulym river to the north of Achinsk whereas the road swings south and skirts around the town, and indeed the river, on its southern flank.

At six miles, the climbing begins in earnest. It follows a sharp right/left combination of junctions on the edge of the town and climbs up on a meandering route before dropping back down slightly to Gornyy at ten miles. There, the road swings sharp left to head directly north to Malinovskiy. At twelve miles, just before reaching the town, the road swings back sharp right to regain the easterly trajectory towards Krasnoyarsk, which you’ll reach in about four stages time.

Once past Malinovskiy, the highway dips back down temporarily to a gentle left hander at sixteen miles. I say temporarily because once round the corner, you start climbing all over again. However it’s a short lived ascent because by the time you reach the junction to Yastrebovo to the south at seventeen miles, the road starts descending again.

What remains are three gentle right handers and four short straights, and together they make up what looks like a curving right hand finish on the map. The descent from seventeen miles takes you all the way to twenty one miles where the final assault to the finish begins. Those last three miles are all uphill, gaining two hundred and fifty feet in the process: if you’re thinking of attacking anywhere on this stage, this is the place to do it.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 1112 feet / 339 metres

RGT Magic Road: 1n6mBoI60A5O

Total distance: 24.01 mi
Max elevation: 1055 ft
Min elevation: 609 ft
Total climbing: 1102 ft
Total descent: -740 ft

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