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Stage 189 – Bogotol to Zertsaly

Here’s a stage that starts without Kazakhstan being to the south of the rollout pen. You’ve not been able to say that for a while: it was about 90 stages ago and that was when Georgia lay to the south between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, not that you were ever down that way of course. There are now less than 50 stages to go in Russia and down below this stage on the map lies Mongolia. It finally feels like this journey’s getting somewhere!

Stage 189 is very much east/north east and forested: and another great feature is that it’s very much downhill, even though you do have to climb almost four hundred feet over the twenty four miles: however most of that is in one big climb just after the yellow kite so enjoy those descents while you can.

The rollout is lumpy flat for eight miles, crossing the railway line not once but twice. After the second crossing, just before Kritovo (to the north), there’s a four mile descent down to the junction to the town. The road then swings round a left hand bend that climbs two hundred feet in a mile. Just make sure you saved something in your legs on that descent.

Once you get to the top of the climb, the highway swings right as it descends for ten miles all the way to the finish. Klubnichnyy passes by at nineteen miles, by which time you’re back on level ground, but that’s short lived as there’s more descending to do before you exit the forest on approach to the finish at Beloyarskiy.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 390 feet / 119 metres

RGT Magic Road: zE72X10p8gBR

Total distance: 23.99 mi
Max elevation: 1026 ft
Min elevation: 727 ft
Total climbing: 392 ft
Total descent: -704 ft

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