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Stage 175 – Barlak to Krasnogorskii

The journey heads relentlessly on, taking the long north easterly route away from Novosibirsk instead of the more direct south easterly route into Mongolia. Stage 175 feels like it climbs for much of the time, and that’s a view reinforced by looking at the elevation profile. In reality what there is is more climbing that descending which results in the finish being three hundred feet higher than the start. Whatever else happens on the stage, that’s the payload.

The rollout is downhill for three miles, to the crossing of the Bol’shaya river close to Sokurskiy. The road then swings right then left past the junction to Yemel’yanovskiy in the north and Energik in the south: and by now the road is in the forest where it remains for the next eight miles. There’s a short steep rise away from Sokurskiy and the climb tops out where the road meets the railway line. The two then run side by side for the next nine miles: they finally deviate at Moshkovo at fifteen miles wher the road sweeps round the northern side of the town, close by Novomoshkovskiy, while the railway takes the southerly route. Indeed by the end of the stage, the road and the railway are separated by the Krut’balta river.

Immediately after the road and the railway part ways, the road crosses over the Skorokhodikha river near to where the river widens to form a lake of the same name. It then recrosses the same river at sixteen miles as the road continues to climb. The length of the climb is a somewhat daunting eight miles and it doesn’t top out until the junction off to Poros at nineteen miles.

By then, the road’s back in the forest and the slight curve at twenty miles sets up a final three mile straight and a slightly downhill run to the line between Krasnogorskiy and Nadezhda.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 794 feet / 242 metres

RGT Magic Road: ZSwGBeakmVdi

Total distance: 22.47 mi
Max elevation: 856 ft
Min elevation: 382 ft
Total climbing: 794 ft
Total descent: -496 ft

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