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Stage 168 – Ubinskaya to Lebedevskii

It’s probably best that you enjoy these flat stages while you can, because one day, they’ll be nothing but a distant memory, and you’ll be climbing mountains again. Stage 168 is only marginally more difficult than stage 167, and sits at number three on the list of flattest stages to date.

The rollout hangs a left which quickly straightens out before curving right around the northern side Ubinskiy, close to Lake Bol’shoye which sits between the road and the town. At the second junction into the town, the road drops down to the intersection before climbing back up again on the other side. The long curve will seem never ending as it takes three miles to put you onto the straight heading south east towards the double junction to Yermolayevskiy and Moskovka. The yellow kite is at the junction.

By then you’re (back) into the forest, where you remain from mile ten to the end of the stage. The second half of the stage looks like an unfolding right hander on the map, becoming ever less of a curve the longer you remain on it. From miles thirteen to seventeen, you’re climbing: not massively, just forty feet. But it’s constant so just find a gear that works at a decent pace.

Once you’re over the top, however, it’s a six mile descent from seventeen miles down to the finish: and that’s a fifty foot descent so you’re actually quids in over the second half of the course.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 105 feet / 32 metres

RGT Magic Road: i3pHYVDTcRV4

Total distance: 22.42 mi
Max elevation: 488 ft
Min elevation: 439 ft
Total climbing: 105 ft
Total descent: -114 ft

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