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Stage 167 – Kozhurla to Ubinskaya

Stage 167 is the flattest stage to date. At only sixty six feet (twenty metres) of climbing in twenty three miles (thirty seven kilometres), it’s guaranteed to burn your legs if you get in with the wrong crowd. Alternatively, yo could just chill and take in the scenery, which is essential rural.

The rollout is from the junction to Kozhurla in the north and Aleksandro-Nevskoye in the south. The road starts on a left hand curve which straightens out before taking a long right hander between miles four and six. That kicks off another straight which runs to a left hander at ten miles. The whole of that straight is forested. On leaving the forest, there’s a cross road junction to Kolmakovskiy in the north and Klubnichnyy in the south.

After a brief spell out the woods, there are further forested sections beginning at miles fourteen and sixteen. Approaching the second of these, the elevation peaks at 480ft, having climbed just fifteen feet in the previous fifteen miles. The road descends a tad after than, but the lowest elevation of the stage, 446ft at eighteen miles, is hardly a cause for a mad descent. The whole stage is just gentle like that.

Miles eighteen to twenty one are a gentle straight rise then there’s a double right/left curve that sets you up for a downhill finish at the junction to Ubinskiy.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 66 feet / 20 metres

RGT Magic Road: 4xjzLEvMCq59

Total distance: 22.73 mi
Max elevation: 480 ft
Min elevation: 448 ft
Total climbing: 66 ft
Total descent: -77 ft

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