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Stage 165 – Ust’yantsevo to Novogutovo

Two bunches of forest, a slalom between some small lakes, lots of open countryside: and not a lot of climbing, although I wouldn’t call any of it flat. That’s stage 172.

The rollout is forested but it’s out into the open within two miles. Then the road meanders a wee bit, passing between various lakes before hanging a long left at Lake Kukushkino at five miles. That’s followed a couple of miles later by a right hanging back the other way around the inside of Lake Goldobinskoye and Lake Shubino.

That takes you onto a seven mile straight that climbs every so gradually to the junction to Barabinsk to the north. There are actually two junctions: the first, sixteen miles, is on a left hand bend whilst the second, at nineteen miles, is actually halfway along the nine mile finishing straight, which is also slightly uphill. The ‘straight’ has a slight curve in it at twenty two miles, but basically, it’s a straight road on an uphill finish.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 144 feet / 44 metres

RGT Magic Road: uFkgWuEmxv5G

Total distance: 23.25 mi
Max elevation: 426 ft
Min elevation: 369 ft
Total climbing: 146 ft
Total descent: -90 ft

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