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Stage 164 – Ozero Ayskula to Ust’yantsevo

You’ll be pleased that the map profile for this stage isn’t the elevation profile: it’s a stage that heads north east before taking a nice smooth right hander to head south east for the remaining few miles. That would have been a real test had you been climbing for the first fifteen miles: but you’re not, because this stage is as flat as a pancake. Almost. At only one hundred and thirty five feet of climbing (forty one metres) it’s one of the flattest to date and that means only one thing: speed!

The first thing to note is that the whole stage is forested so you’ll need to hope that the virtual wind isn’t blowing into your into your face, although actually, on RGT, that might save you from needing to put the fan on.

The rollout takes a gentle left hander for seven miles that delivers you to Tebis and the junction to Tebisskiy five miles to the north. There’s really only one wee climb on the whole stage and even that’s no more that a pimple. It comes after just two miles and takes you up twenty feet: it really is that sort of stage. And when you’ve climbed it, you shoot straight back down the other side.

After Tebis, there’s a meandering right left before a big looping right hander around Lake Bol’shoye Shchuch’ye takes the route from a north easterly to a south easterly, which is what it remains for the rest of the stage. Despite the stage being in the forest the whole way, there is actually an unnamed river crossing at twenty miles, which links Lake Knyazevo to the north with Lake Otgonnye to the south. There are also minor roads heading north and south through the forest from about eighteen miles all the way to the finish.

The finish comes after a right hand curve sets up the one mile finishing straight, which is basically as flat as any finish you’ve encountered of late.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 135 feet / 41 metres

RGT Magic Road: 9OG2lAk5gI7P

Total distance: 23.24 mi
Max elevation: 384 ft
Min elevation: 359 ft
Total climbing: 135 ft
Total descent: -147 ft

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