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Stage 163 – Sarybalyk to Ozero Ayskula

Here’s another rollicking fast stage that only has a wee dip at the yellow
kite and a lumpy gentle climb to the finish to disrupt your progress. It’s not
actually flat but it’ll ride like it. Stage 163’s a speed monster.

The rollout runs parallel with the forest that runs down to Blyudchanskiy
about seven miles to the south. The journey starts out heading north east but
swings east on a right hander after just three miles. At that point there are
north/south junctions to Chany and Blyudchanskiy respectively and as the road
approaches the first forested section at nine miles, there’s not much report
other than it’s flat and it’s straight. You exit the forest at eleven miles
then dive straight into another one a mile later, close by Lake Mochaly.

You’re basically jumping in and out of the trees at this point: in at
fifteen miles, out at sixteen, out and in again at seventeen then out one more
time, albeit briefly, at twenty miles by Lake Ayskula. The finishing straight
is five miles long, it’s gently but lumpily uphill for the last three of them
and it finishes in the middle of the Kirzinsky forest reserve.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 187 feet / 57 metres

RGT Magic Road: FhGREI6SYAkf

Total distance: 23.61 mi
Max elevation: 392 ft
Min elevation: 333 ft
Total climbing: 189 ft
Total descent: -197 ft

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