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Stage 158 – Nemirovka to Indeika

You’re heading east at pace now: quite literally. This stage is a speedfest. There are only just over a hundred feet of climbing on the whole stage – let’s call that flat – so the pace is bound to be high. It’s a day for the diesels because it’s an absolute leg burner.

It’s not quite straight, but it’ll probably feel like it. The rollout kicks off on a gentle left hander that straightens out for two miles at two miles. After skirting the left hand edge of one forest then the right hand edge of another, a right hand curve leads you into a ten mile left hander that looks and feels like a straight. It passes by the intersection to Kormilovka at twelve miles before hanging at right at sixteen miles as the road heads into and out of a forest between miles sixteen and nineteen.

On exiting the trees, the M51 highway hangs a final left hand curve that sets up the final three mile powerfest to the line. It’s as flat as a pancake and as fast as you want to make it. Can you hang onto that wheel?

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 121 feet / 37 metres

RGT Magic Road: U3iAIop6J6vd

Total distance: 23.46 mi
Max elevation: 400 ft
Min elevation: 374 ft
Total climbing: 122 ft
Total descent: -127 ft

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