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Stage 155 – Tavrichanka to Kamyshlovskii

Onwards and downwards (down the map that is, rather than down some dirty great big mountain) towards Omsk, the second largest city in Siberia and the ninth biggest in all of Russia. There are very few forests on parade today: the route skirts by a couple but doesn’t actually ride through any. That hasn’t happened for a while.

The rollout is lumpy flat for a couple of miles before a short, sharp ascent takes you to the junction to Bystruka which sits a mile to the west of the highway. Shortly after there’s a double junction to Kalinovka to the west and Uvalo-Yadrinskoye to the east. That’s at five miles as you’re enjoying a lump wee descent. The road then kicks back up again for a couple of miles before a much longer descent – six miles – takes you to the road off to Kazanskoye on, wait for it, the Kazakhstan side of the highway.

The road climbs for three miles after Kazanskoye, topping out at a left hander approaching Krasnyy Yar on the eastern side of the highway. That’s the signal for a short, sharp descent down to – you’ve guessed it – water, where there’s another junction on the eastern side, this time to Lyubino-Malorossy at twenty miles. Twenty done, five to go.

From the junction to the edge of the forest at twenty three miles, the road climbs all the way, except for a wee false summit at twenty two miles: don’t be fooled by that because the road kicks up again straight after. But the best bit of stage 155 is saved for last: A mad dash downhill at twenty three miles followed by a lumpy descent the finish line at the junction to Kamyshlovskoye.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 312 feet / 95 metres

RGT Magic Road: NHYFGlLd8T14

Total distance: 25.1 mi
Max elevation: 401 ft
Min elevation: 298 ft
Total climbing: 304 ft
Total descent: -330 ft

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