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Stage 154 – Troitsk to Tavrichanka

As the “Running parallel with the Kazakhstan border from fifty miles” theme continues, stage 154 heads south east towards Omsk. It’s another one of those strange stages in that it looks pretty flat, indeed it only has two hundred and forty feet of climbing in it, but virtually none of it is flat. But whilst it may have lots of ups and downs, none of them are really big enough to trouble the scorers.

As with stage 153, the stage threads its way between pockets of small lakes that are dotted about the landscape: and of course there are forests, although in reality more time is spent out of them than in them on this stage. The rollout is initially down, then up, and you’ve probably done one of the more significant climbs before a mile and a half is on the clock.

The road meanders its way round a long right/left combo between miles four and six before two straights separated by another gentle right hander take you past Malinovskoye at seven miles to Bekishevskoye just after the yellow kite. By now, some of the lakes are considered large enough to have names, and the P402/E30 highway passes between two of them, Lake Mokhovoye and Lake Shishkino at the right hander at seventeen miles.

The road passes by the junction to Pavlovka, a mile to the north east, at nineteen miles, before skirting by the edge of a forest and taking another right hander to set up the four mile finishing straight at twenty one miles. When I say “Straight”, it’s not actually because after passing Ivanovka with a couple of miles to go, the road take a very subtle left hander that forms the final run in to the line. The course is lumpy flat for almost all of the stage but the fun factor is that the final mile and a half is mostly downhill.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 240 feet / 73 metres

RGT Magic Road: ZftlV4ZhdkkI

Total distance: 24.98 mi
Max elevation: 432 ft
Min elevation: 373 ft
Total climbing: 239 ft
Total descent: -301 ft

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