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Stage 152 – Yaman to Atrachinsky

Stage 152 is an absolute cracker! Not a single piece of flat virtual tarmac in excess of about 20m and I counted no fewer than twenty five climbs of varying degrees of difficulty and length in creating this preview. However I also counted a similar number of descents so this promises to a right good rollicking ride. For those of you who like to go “Wheeee” down the big slopes, be assured that there are several of them to contend with.

As promised at the end of stage 151’s bio, the rollout goes straight into the crossing of a stream that feeds into Lake Ik a couple of miles before the town of Krutinka at four miles. And because the water comes so early into the stage, it guarantees that what follows – the next five miles in fact – is uphill. The climb initially tops out at the junction to Krutinka, but the respite is short lived because once you round the right hander at five miles, the climb kicks on up again as the road enters the forest.

The road takes a long left hander as it dives sharply downhill to exit the forest at eight miles, then you’re off on another lumpy ascent that takes you to Chumanovka at ten miles. That’s the signal for the steepest descent of the stage, indeed down to the lowest elevation of just three hundred and thirty feet at twelve miles.

Another lumpy climb then kicks in, and it tops out at the junctions to Yaroslavka to the north and Kolmakovo to the south at eighteen miles. Back into the forest for another lumpy descent, you exit it at the foot of the slope right on twenty miles. With Atrachinsky on the horizon to the north, the road goes back up again for another couple of miles before a final lumpy three mile descent delivers you down to the finish line near to Lake Atrachi.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 600 feet / 183 metres

RGT Magic Road: 88Ov8cFHgxJl

Total distance: 24.96 mi
Max elevation: 454 ft
Min elevation: 335 ft
Total climbing: 602 ft
Total descent: -571 ft

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