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Stage 151 – Ol’gino to Yaman

There’s barely been a flatter overall stage than this one in the whole journey so far. Yes it has two hundred feet of climbing in it, but if this stage has more than a 0.5% gradient at any point in its twenty five mile journey, I’d be really surprised.

The rollout west of Ol’gino runs every so slightly downhill for a quarter of a mile before then returning the favour by running every so slightly uphill for the next half a mile. The gentle descent then resumes to the point at two miles where the road enters the forest. The next four miles are basically flat although you may encounter the occasional 0.1% along much of the stretch.

What’s particularly interesting about this stage is that when you look at it on the map, there are several pockets of clearings in the woods yet the E30 highway (yes, it’s changed from the E22) manages to miss virtually all of them. The one it doesn’t miss is at twenty three miles, just before the finish, but since that clearing runs at ninety degrees to the road, it would be pretty difficult to miss it. That action packed bit of respite is where the highway passes by Yamanskoye close to the Yaman river which the road doesn’t actually cross (but it will straight out of the gate on stage 152).

The highest point of the day is 385 feet after just a mile: the lowest is actually the finish at 351 feet. So a deviation of only thirty or so feet over the course of the whole stage gives you an indication of just how relatively flat this stage is.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 213 feet / 65 metres

RGT Magic Road: 4UqU2DPvQhu4

Total distance: 24.98 mi
Max elevation: 384 ft
Min elevation: 353 ft
Total climbing: 208 ft
Total descent: -239 ft

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