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Stage 149 – Borovoe to Abatskoe

This is fun: the geographical profile follows the elevation profile to the seven mile mark then falls away completely! You’re now past the nearest that the journey gets to Kazakhstan (about fifty miles) then as the Kazak border heads south east from its nearest point, our road heads north east. Right now it’s cheerio Kazakhstan. This stage is interesting because for the first time in ages, there are no river crossings. But that doesn’t mean there are no ups and downs because on the contrary there are plenty.

The first six miles, which are virtually straight, are uphill. Lumpy, yes, but uphill for sure. After passing Ravnetskoye at three miles, the climb tops out at the highest elevation of the stage approaching seven miles. The road then meanders alongside the northern edge of the forest whilst at the same time losing all of the earlier ascent, and more on the way down to Tushnolobovskoy at fifteen miles: it’s a lumpy descent but you’ll get there.

It’s then lumpy flattish for a couple of miles ahead of a climb back up into the forest at twenty miles where the road crests the summit, leaving you five miles from the finish. Two miles down then one mile back up takes you clear clear of the forest completely before setting you up for a two mile descent to the finish on a long left hander approaching Lake Uglovoye to the south.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 292 feet / 89 metres

RGT Magic Road: uMSDhmk0PgKX

Total distance: 24.97 mi
Max elevation: 338 ft
Min elevation: 221 ft
Total climbing: 292 ft
Total descent: -333 ft

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